Our Story

Our Story – Showit Solutions™ 

It was Christmas Day. Ayelet Gilad checked her messages. A client was relocating to Atlanta from another state and wanted to schedule some last-minute visits to properties in the area. They would only be in town that weekend.  There was only one problem.  Ayelet was in Miami.  She tried finding help on a Facebook group. Would someone show the houses for her?  Nobody stepped up.  For the first time in a long time, this consummate real-estate professional. was trying to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, and you know what?  She lost the client.

“That’s when I knew there was a problem in the industry,” she says. “There was something missing, and I wanted to make life more livable for agents. I wanted their time to mean something, so they were not only more profitable and productive, but so they could stay home sick or take a vacation without wondering if it would affect their business.”

An Exciting New Idea

While Ayelet mulled the problem of finding and keeping agents, she also found a new protégé – Arad Steiner. Ayelet had employed showing agents in the past, but Arad was special. He was like a family member.

One day, Arad had an idea. He was looking for a source of extra income while he learned the ropes with Ayelet. What if there were an app that would make it easier for other agents to hire him for ad hoc showings and open houses?

It was the answer to his problem, and Ayelet’s. Because no such app existed, they decided to build it themselves.

Developed By and For Real Estate Professionals

Ayelet and Arad began developing the app in earnest. They started with the premise that some agents are busy and have many clients, but not much time, while new agents have more time but not as many clients. Bringing them together was the goal.

To get it right, the duo surveyed agents about what they’d want from an app. They also enlisted Ayelet’s husband Dorel, a technical expert, for help. After nearly two years in development, they launched the ShowIT Solutions™ app to an eager audience.

The result is a win-win platform that grooms new agents in the real estate industry while allowing top agents to serve more clients in more places without having to compromise their standards.

Showit Changes the Game

The Showit Solutions™ app solves a problem that every real estate agent has encountered in their career. “When agents need help showing a property or holding an open house, Showit is there,” Ayelet says. “It expands their network without sacrificing any standards. Because agents decide who to hire on the app, they can be selective and choose someone who will meet their performance standards.”

The app ensures a high-quality experience by helping agents monitor and review new agents’ performance through feedback and reviews. “We worked out almost every scenario possible to make it a win-win for everybody,” says Ayelet.

The app isn’t limited to showings and open houses. Showit Solutions™ is a marketplace for agents to leverage their time in the most productive way possible. Agents can post and find jobs for installing lockboxes, setting up signs, meeting with inspectors, opening door for vendors, delivering marketing materials, taking photos and video of properties, and more.

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