A “No Show” is when an agent was hired to a job or claimed a job and didn’t arrive or perform as required by the job and did not inform the Hiring Agent otherwise.  

A “No show” can be confirmed only by the Hiring Agent. If the Showing Agent did not report its arrival time within 2 hours after job start time, the Hiring agent may report the Showing Agent as a “No Show”.

Once a “No-Show” was reported, the Job is immediately terminated and moved into the History under Job Cancelled status with a “No Show” marked.  If job still need to be performed, the Hiring agent must post a new job.

Resolution regarding whether a “No Show” was submitted in error shall be between the Hiring Agent and Showing Agent.  ShowIT Solutions™ is not involved in such dispute resolution other than reinstating such Showing Agent after suspension or claim resolution.

If a “No Show” is confirmed, the Showing Agent will be suspended from the ShowIT Solutions™ App for 30 days. This means that he will not be able to apply, Claim or post a job for 30 days, however, he may still complete the jobs that he has been hired/claimed for the same day.  If the Showing Agent has jobs that he had been hired/claimed for next day, those jobs will be canceled, and the Hiring Agents will receive a message stating that job has been cancelled by the Showing Agent.  The job will be back on the market and available for other agents to Apply or Claim.   After 30 days, the Showing Agent account will be reinstated and a penalty fee of $50 will be charged before he can be hired, claim or post a job.

If “No Show” was rejected and the Hiring agent confirmed that the job was indeed performed, ShowIT Solutions™ must be informed by the Hiring agent and will then remove the “No Show” Block of the Showing Agent.